Black Suit Garment Travel Bags -ID Tag Window, Durable Heavy Duty, Lightweight

Carrying around your favorite suit without getting it wrinkles, dirty, or damaged doesn’t have to be a struggle. With Your Bag’s Pinstripe Garment Bags, all your precious garments can be easily transported in the best conditions and be ready to wear for all occasions!

About The Product:

– Non-Woven 80 GSM Polypropylene
– 40″ X 24″
– #5 Zipper with Zip Down to Close Function
– Perfect For Everyday Use & Special Occasions
– Can Hold Tuxedos, Suits, Skirts, Tops & Folded Dresses
– 5×5 ID Pocket Window
– Comes In Various Colors

Our garment bags are designed to hold your garments and keep them in pristine conditions for everyday use and special occasions, such as business meetings, special ceremonies and formal events like graduations, proms and weddings. Our bags are flexible and will fit the clothing and storage needs of most people. It is made from non-woven 80 GSM and is incredibly lightweight, durable and resistant to wear and tear with prolonged use.

Clearly Label Your Bag And Identify It Easily!

Check up on your suit by peeking into the window instead of unzipping and taking it out entirely! Or insert a name ID to easily identify it at large events where there are multiple bags.

Our bags are available in a variety of different colors including:

– Black
– Grey
– Navy

When you need to pack or change in a hurry you shouldn’t have to fight with your garment bag. Our bags feature easy to maneuver zippers that let you open it from either end. Designed to hold any of your precious garments such as tuxedos, suits, dresses, and skirts, and blouses and keep them in pristine condition.

Get one of our garment bags today and transport your garments in style!

At Your Bags we’re committed to providing quality products that will have you traveling in style. Get yours today and experience the quality for yourself.

Product Features

  • KEEP YOUR SUITS FULLY PROTECTED: Keep your suits perfectly safe from dust, dirt, wrinkles, and all types of damage while you travel in this highly convenient garment bag.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY: Made from a durable material that is water, rip and tear resistant. Compare our non-woven 80gsm polypropylene to 60gsm used by most other competitors.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT FOR EASY TRANSPORT: Carrying around your suit will never be easier! Despite their strong material, our bags are very lightweight allowing it for easy carriage.
  • EASILY ACCESSIBLE: Don’t search for what you need, a 5×5″ window lets you see what is inside the bag. In a hurry? The zipper lets you open and close the bag in seconds flat.
  • STYLISH PINSTRIPE DESIGN: The pinstripe pattern on our bags provide a sophisticated appearance so you can be sure your travel experience will be filled with style and elegance.