Gonex Compression Packing Cubes Set, Expandable Packing Organizers 4pcs (Blue)

Gonex Extensible Packing Cubes 4 sets

Friendly Notice
When using expanding zipper, the inner clothing may be clamped by zip. If so, please stop going, but pull the zip back slowly and push the clothing out at the same time. Soap-su ?? ? 蘀??宋体 @缎??@?峑 ? ?ゼ宋体 ?? ?@ ??耀??? ? 蠀??MingLiU_HKSCS ?ゼ宋体 ?? ?@ ??耀?S ?ゼ宋体 ?? ?@ ??耀?S ?ǎ?ǎ ?ǎ ?ǎ?ǎ?@楘痲耀? ?? ?@ ??耀?S ?ゼ宋体 ?? ?@ ??耀?S ?ゼ宋体 ?? ?@ ??耀?S ?ゼ宋体 ?? ?@ ??耀?S ?ゼ宋体 ?? ?@ ??耀?S ?ゼ宋体 ?? ?@ ??耀?S ?ゼ宋体 ?? ?@ ??耀?S ?ゼ宋体 ?? ?@ ??耀?S ?ǎ?ǎ ?ǎ ?ǎ?ǎ?@楘痲耀?ngLiU_HKSCS ??耀?? ?ゼ宋体

Product Features

  • 【Durable Nylon】 Made from soft and smooth feeling nylon fabric, water& wear resistant.
  • 【Double Zipper】It is expandable and strong intensity with well tearing-resistance, water repellent, and dirt-bearing performance. It can be compressed with the compression zipper as well. Please note, the effectiveness of the compression is not as the vacuum compression bags do.
  • 【Different capacity】 Different sized packing cubes are suitable for different clothing.
  • 【Multipurpose】 can be used to store all your travel needed clothing by compressing them into a small size for easy carrying. It can also store your living goods in system like toilet requisites, etc.
  • 【100% SATISFACTION& MONEY BACK GUARANTEE】Please feel free to contact us whenever you need help with the item. We guarantee 30 days return and money back, 1 year warranty and lifetime customer service.