Lumar Pet Sling Carrier for Dogs and Cats Hands Free, Adjustable Size and Adaptable System for The Seatbelt Safety in The Car Toy Bonus for Traveling with The Small and Medium Dogs (Red&Blue)

Lumar Pet Sling Bag Carrier for Dogs and Cats

Adaptable system for the seatbelt, for safety in the Car
Hands Free and Adjustable Size
Toy Bonus for Traveling with the Small and medium Dogs Without Stress
Between 9 lb and 22 lb

Product Features

  • THE ONLY PET SLING BAG SAFE ALSO IN THE CAR With the new adaptable system for the seatbelt from behind the bag, you can carry your little friend safely also when you need to drive. Easy to use , just open the zipper put the seat belt in, and close back the zipper. You don’t need to spend your money buying a cage.
  • HANDS FREE AND A GIFT TOY so you can travel CONFORTABLE and WITHOUT STRESS because your lovely puppy will enjoy staying in the bag and playing with its toy.
  • WITH THE ADJUSTABLE SIZE you don’t need to change the travel bag when your puppy will grow up between 9 lb and 22 lb. Moreover, with the ADJUSTABLE STRAPS it can be carried by anyone .
  • THE SAFEST ZIPPER with lock system can’t be opened accidentally by the the pet.
  • QUALITY AND SOFT MATERIALS , and also breathing materials to be more comfortable for your pet in the hot days. A manual for using the bag and thank you card.