TSA Lock Security 3 Digit Combination Suitcase Luggage Bag Code Lock Padlock 4 Pack Locks

Sturdy and Durable
More sturdy with the best lock mechanisms and hard to crack. More durable with strong cut resistant stainless steel

No Key to Lose
The 3-digit resettable combination travel lock is easy to set and easy to use, making life very difficult for thieves. Set a
combination that you won’t ever forget from 1,000 possible combinations, in just a matter of seconds.

How to Set Combination Code
1. Hold the combination lock in which way numbers show on the right. Make sure the code is set to default (0-0-0-0).Pull up the
shackle and rotate it until it points towards you. 2. Push the shackle down until the tiny pin is fully inside the gap. Hold it
there and rotate the shackle anticlockwise, so it stays down without being pushed manually. 3. Rotate back the shackle the same
way until it pops up. Remember to check if numbers are line up before locking.

You have to break the lock if you forgot the combination code

Package Include
4 x TSA Accepted Luggage Locks

Product Features

  • 4 Pack TSA Travel Smart Combination Lock.
  • Sturdy Construction – Durable structure of zinc alloy and plated steel. Better keep your own belongings
  • No Key to Lose – Hassle free when you left the key at home or elsewhere
  • Combination Can Be Reset As Often As You Choose.
  • 3-DIAL COMBINATION: Easy to master 3 digit combination can be set to any combination of your choosing for extra security and no key needed! Instructions are always included. MANY DIFFERENT USES: Our combination locks can be used on a wide variety of items besides luggage or suitcases. These padlocks can be used on a backpack, bagage, gym locker, pelican case, gun case, briefcase, toolbox or laptop bag.