12 Medium & Large Ziplock Storage Bags for Clothes – Travel Accessories – Space Saver Vacuum Bags – Travel Roll-Up Bags for Packing – Packing Waterproof Compression Bags for Travel No Vacuum Needed

It`s always so difficult to pack the whole necessary stuff when traveling and moreover it`s hard when you travel with a family and need a lot of accessories. Our company developed storage bags which will be the best space saver solution in this situation PROVIDING YOU WITH COMFORT & REDUCING YOUR LUGGAGE CHARGES

With our compression bags for travel there is NO ANY NEED IN VACUUM OR PUMP which take some additional space making your luggage bigger. Just save up to 3 times more space with these packing bags for travel and enjoy your trip without any discomfort

The compression travel bags for packing go as 8 (24×16 in) medium and 4 (28×20 in) large ziplock storage bags providing you with a choice when you need to pack your travel stuff or just to KEEP SAFE FROM DUST, WET YOUR CLOTHES

Just roll up these medium and large ziplock bags for clothes, fix a zipper helping the air to get out of the compression sack, and SAVE UP TO 80% OF THE SPACE in your closet, suitcase or backpack. You can keep a vacume storage bag with your stuff rolled or unrolled

A special plastic formula of the space bags makes these storage bags DURABLE and you can use your compression bag multiple times being sure that you will get the same efficiency as at the first time

You can rely on waterproof bags for travel even in the most extreme situations as a double zipper of these travel compression bags KEEPS THE AIR TIGHTLY MAKING THEM SEALED. You will really enjoy multifunctional effect of this vacuum bag with valve-suction technology

We`ll ensure you a business trip like never before cause we`re confident in our space bag! That is why we`re providing you with 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE with space saver vacuum bags for travel

MAKE YOUR TRAVEL SAFE & COMFORTABLE with space saver bags! Just click [ADD TO CART] at the top of this page and enjoy your incredible trip with our travel vacuum bags

Product Features

  • Compression storage bags for travel SAVE YOUR LUGGAGE SPACE UP TO 80% even without using any vacuum or pump
  • Double ziplock keeps the air of the space storage bag tightly PROTECTING FROM WET, DIRT OR SMELL
  • DIFFERENT SIZES of the travel bags for packing make them also perfect as home stuff organizers
  • For COMFORTABLE TRAVEL WITHOUT EXTRA SUITCASES just roll-up the space saver vacuum bags making them free from air
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE is provided with our travel accessories