Activated Carbon Air Purifying Freshener Coconut Shell Charcoal Bags – 5 Packs Odor Absorbent Eliminator for Wardrobe Shoes Refrigerator Pet Carrier

Natural Air Purifying Bags, Odor Eliminator for home, room, wardrobe, shoes, car, refrigerator, pet areas and any area you need it.

A Complete 2-Piece Deodorizing Team!

– 2x Medium Bag: Perfect for those larger but enclosed spaces such as wardrobe, closets, new cars, refrigerator, pet Carrier, etc.
– 5x Small Bags: Work well for your shoes, gym bags, luggage and sporting equipment

How does Charcoal work?

-Made of coconut shell charcoal, 3 times more adsorption capacity from bamboo charcoal bags
-In each carbon particle, contains huge number of fine and dense hole tissue, constitute a great space adsorption surface, reach a strong physical attraction to the space around it such as bad odor molecules.

Why use activated coconut shell Charcoal bags?

Natural and Organic: Coconut shell charcoal adsorbs and removes odor without any other assistance just sunshine.
Cleaner Air Quality: Coconut shell charcoal contains more fine and denser adsorption holes to eliminate odors and keep dry.
Safe and Effective: Fragrance free, Chemical Free, non-toxic
Versatile: Can be used anywhere need to remove bad odor.
Long Lasting: Reuse for up to 2 years (We suggest 1 years replacement for a better effect).

How to rejuvenate and recycle the bag?

-Once a month place the bag outside sunshine. The UV rays will clear out the pores of the charcoal, making it ready to absorb odor again.
– And after 1 year as air purifier, simply cut open the Bag and sprinkle the shell charcoal into the garden soil, where it helps plants absorb moisture and nutrients.

Product Features

  • Made of nature coconut shell charcoal, 3 times more adsorption capacity from bamboo charcoal bags
  • Easiest way to maintain a fresh, dry and odor free environment, suitable for your wardrobe, shoes, closets, bathrooms, pet areas, luggage bags, refrigerator or cars
  • Fragrance free, Chemical Free, non-toxic, organic and recyclable. Green eco-friendly choice as air purifier & freshener. Children and pets safe
  • Keep your room away form bad smell, mold, mildew and bacteria by absorbing excess moisture
  • Lasts up to 2 years ( but we suggest 1 years replacement for a better effect) and can be rejuvenated by just placing them in sunshine. Please note that this is a physical process, adsorption will take some time, not effective immediately. You will find that it takes effect obvious in a small space, but the large space need more time