Armadillo Pro-Tec Faraday Bags and RFID Blocking Wallet Card (3 Pc. Set) Protect Cell Phones, Car Key Fobs, Passports, Wallets, or Tablets | Portable Travel Protection | NFC, EMP, EMF

Protecting your personal data is more important than ever, especially when it comes to travel for work or on vacation. That’s why we created Armadillo Pro-Tec Faraday Bags that are designed to block every form of RFID signal to ensure data hackers and digital thieves can’t break into your financial, personal, or professional data no matter where you go.

Designed with a military-grade lining that blocks out a wide range of signals, these portable “cages” are sure to keep your important info safe whether you’re in a tense, high-powered business meeting with competitors, riding the commuter train with thousands of potential thieves, or enjoying lunch at a premier restaurant with your new sports car waiting outside.

More importantly, our bags and RFID wallet card keep you from being tracked, protect your data from being stolen, and ensure you keep your financials and personal data safely locked away.

Product Features

  • Complete Bag and Wallet Defense – Every order includes a large faraday bag for tablets and larger tech devices, a small faraday bag for smartphones, key fobs, credit cards, and passports, and wallet RFID card to protect chipped bank and debit cards.
  • Advanced Data Security – These multipurpose faraday cage bags use RFID signal blocking protection to shield against digital theft, protect your personal data and finances, and keep classified information from being stolen, tracked, or copied.
  • Military-Grade Protection – Designed with a military-spec lining, these travel bags protect against all types of signals, including EMP, EMF, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, and anything else a potential hacker or thief could use.
  • Stop Theft, Tracking, and Digital Break-Ins – Keeping your keyless car key fob in our bags can prevent thieves from boosting your signal and gaining keyless entry or stopping hackers from stealing tablet or phone data when meeting competitors.
  • Trusted Lifetime Warranty – Every Armadillo Pro-Tec RFID blocking faraday bag comes backed an unbeatable warranty to ensure your total satisfaction. Contact us with any questions or concerns for fast, reliable support.