Black GEGO Luggage Car Kids GPS Tracker – Worldwide, 3G, Bluetooth, App, Small – 30 Days Free Plan – 1 Year Warranty

Track your belongings or loved ones anytime everywhere!

Gego is a location tracker, developed by the creators of Lugloc, award-winning and #1 seller luggage locator, that will let you track everything you love, anywhere in the world. Get peace of mind while travelling and know where your luggage is. Worried about your childrens safety? Set safe zones and get alerts via text message or through the app to know when your child leaves or enters. Did you forget where you parked or someone took your car without permission? Locate your car with GEGO. What about your sports gear or that important package you sent? Know where your valuables are at any moment. GEGO Also comes with a Bluetooth proximity radar that alerts you when it’s near you.

How it works

GEGO combines GSM, WiFi, and Bluetooth technology, making it more reliable indoors than a GPS tracker. Simply Attach GEGO to the item you would like to track. Then by tapping the app on your smartphone, GEGO’s location will be displayed on the app’s map.

Worldwide 3G Coverage.
Airline regulations compliant (TSA, FAA and IATA).
Enhanced Location Tracking. GEGO Uses GSM, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi.
Small size and lightweight. Just 3.54in x 2.17in x 0.38in and 1.73oz.
Set safe zones and get notified when GEGO moves in or out.
Usage modes: maximize your GEGO’s performance and battery life, adapting the device’s functionality to your usage.
Works with Alexa (Amazon Echo).
Iphone and Android app.
365 days customer support, always available to help.

We know you we will love it! 1 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee!

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Product Features

  • GSM tracker for luggage, kids, vehicles, people, etc. 3G works worldwide, track everything, everywhere. IOS and Android.
  • Location tracker with 30 days free plan included. Plans starting as low as 6.33/Month. Cancel anytime, no contracts. Cheaper trackers only work with bluetooth or have more expensive monthly plans.
  • Small size personal locator. Credit card sized. Wearable and portable, fits everywhere: bags, pocket, glove compartment. Easy to hide.
  • Compliant with all air travel regulations (TSA, FAA, IATA). Set safe zones for geofencing alerts. Get peace of mind and know where your loved ones or belongings are.
  • 1 Year warranty, 30 day money back guarantee. Customer support 365 days. Designed and manufactured by Lugloc, world´s first luggage tracker.