Chillbo Fanny Pack – Fanny Packs for Women and Waist Bags for Men (Blue Leaf)

Introducing the Chillbo Fanny Pack: The funkiest waist bag in existence. Ever. Whether you’re after a waist purse or a hiking fanny pack, this particular waist pack really packs a punch with its compact design and contemporary Chillbo style. If you’re looking for a fanny pack for women or waist bags for men, then look no further than Chillbo. These women fanny pack and men fanny pack are the ultimate unisex waist pouch. Don’t stress about finding the best waist bags for women or belt bag for women, because you’ll get them both right here. Looking for a festival fanny pack? This is it. A belt bag for women? Step right up. How about a black fanny pack? Nope, we don’t stock those because Chillbo’s so much funkier than that. If you’re after a red fanny pack, a pink fanny pack, or a gold fanny pack, then you won’t find that here either. What you will find is a waist purse or belt bags with vibrant designs that’ll make you stand out from the crowd. A neon fanny pack? Now we’re talking, baby. How about a slim fanny pack? You betcha! Our small fanny pack is so petite that it folds up into the palm of your hand. Imagine a holographic fanny pack, but without the holograms. That’s pretty much what you get right here. So take a look at our fanny pack for women and waterproof fanny pack for men to find the ultimate waterproof waist pack for you. Use it as a rave fanny pack or a travel fanny pack. The sky’s the limit.

Product Features

  • SUITABLE FOR ANY OCCASION: Whether you’re chilling at the beach or busting shapes on the D-floor, this stylish fanny pack is the ultimate accessory when you’re on the move. With an extendable strap, Chillbo’s Fanny pack is versatile and easily adjusts into a shoulder bag. Unlike other fanny packs, the Chillbo waist bag folds neatly into its own front pocket making it a sweet companion when you’ve got space constraints on your hiking, camping and weekend trips away.
  • FUNKY CHILLBO DESIGNS: The Chillbo fanny pack is a perfect festival accessory as patterns don’t get much zanier than our originals! You’re guaranteed to catch the eye of your fellow festival fiends with our funky fanny packs for men and women. This waterproof fanny pack comes in an array of crazy patterns, adding a splash of personality to your clothing ensemble. With two large compartments and no-snag zippers and zipper-pulls, you’ll find our fanny pack is as functional as it is fashionable.
  • AN AWESOME FANNY PACK FOR WOMEN & MEN: Chillbo’s creative patterns are ideal for all genders, making this an exceptional fanny pack for men, waist pack for women or bum bag for non-binary folks!! Our fanny pack features two large compartments that provide ample room to store all your bits and bobs.Our nifty extendable waist strap ensures it fits folks of all shapes and sizes & can be used as a shoulder pack
  • FANNY PACK TO STASH YOUR STUFF:Keep your passports, cash, phone, “party favors,” makeup, and chapstick safe in this funky fanny pack. Whether you need a travel belt for traversing the globe or a bum bag for those crazy festival times, fanny packs don’t get much more functional than this beauty from Chillbo. Did we mention that it folds into its front pocket, so it compresses into the size of your palm?
  • BUILT FOR EVERYWHERE & BACKED FOR LIFE: Our stuffable fanny pack is a perfect accessory for so many situations – whether you’re traveling on planes and trains, going camping or hiking, dog walking or reveling at a music festival, our waist pack helps you keep those pockets and hands free and your gear in order. Chillbo is committed to helping you perfect the art of chilling, wherever you may roam. Backed by a lifetime commitment to happy customers, give us a try and CLICK ADD TO CART TODAY.