Family Upgrade Travel Neck Wallet-Neck Passport Pouch-anti theft Neck Stash-RFID Neck Passport Holder-Bonus-Five Passport & Credit Card Sleeves

Traveling for business, biking or spending time in vacation.

The SeaGULL PRIME wallet is your best choice for safely keeping your passport, credit cards, driver license, smartphone (up to 7.9-inch height), boarding passes, travel maps, keys or cash.

FACILITIES-We do innovate for your comfort. Provided with an eyelet for headphone cords in front, our neck-wallet helps you using the headphones while phone is inside. Uniquely designed to facilitate all your needs, the central hanger offers a handy solution for keeping your sunglasses safely hooked on.Four pockets with zippers are designed to give you extra space for organizing your stuff.

The perfect size of 7.9 by 6.3 inches, resistant and lightweight neck-wallet is easy to wear and use.

The all-in-one single neck pouch is extremely versatile, and you can wear it many diverse ways: hided beneath your clothes, around your neck, on your shoulder or securely fastened to your belt.

The hanging strap is adjustable and comfortable.

The SeaGULL PRIME neck-wallet is waterproof, made of ripstop nylon, and provided with water resistant zippers to ensure outdoor wearing and protection against unexpected splashes, spills, rain or snow. (Please do not use it in the pool-It is not designed to keep the content dry when fully submerged).

All your documents, papers and credit cards are kept safe due to the multi-layered Blocking System provided with the latest w/RFID that is protecting you from identity theft, unwanted scans & amp or hi-tech pickpockets.

Finally, as a BONUS we are pleased to offer you the 5 pcs RFID Blocking Sleeves (2 Passport and 3 Credit Cards) which will increase your safety while travelling.

Enjoy your travel

Product Features

  • FEATURES – Neck Wallet – FOUR ZIPPERED POCKETS, SMARTPHONE POCKET on the back, EYELET for HEADPHONE CORD, RED SANGLASSES HANGER, Five w/RFID BLOCKING SLEEVES additional for 2 passports and 3 credit cards.
  • IDEAL SIZE – The Travel Neck Wallet (7.9″ by 6.3″) provides safe storage and easy access to your passport, credit cards, driver’s license, smartphone (up to 7.9″ height), boarding passes, map, keys, and cash.
  • IDEAL SECURITY — The neck passport holder is multi-layered with the latest RFID blocking system to protect your passport and credit cards against unwanted scans and hi-tech pickpockets. The 5 BONUS RFID blocking sleeves add an extra layer of security.
  • IDEAL COMFORT – The Neck Passport Wallet is made of high quality, water-resistant ripstop nylon and a moisture-wicking backing, the neck wallet can be worn beneath your clothing without adding uncomfortable moisture and heat. You can hold the phone in the back pocket, pass the headphone cord through the eyelet and your HANDS ARE FREE.
  • IDEAL VERSATILITY – The neck passport pouch is the perfect addition to any luggage set, but it’s also great for use while biking, running, walking, and hiking. Stow your phone and attach headphones through the eyelet. Secure your sunglasses on the RED CLIP when you don’t need to wear them. Use the adjustable strap to wear the pouch as you wish, over or under clothing, around your neck or fastened to your belt. Ships directly from US. Perfect gift for travelers! Order Yours Today!