Five Pack of PEVA 40” Translucent Garment Bags with Zipper for Travel and Storage of Suits or Dresses

Plixio’s set of five lightweight, 40-inch hanging PEVA garment bags makes traveling with valuable suits and dresses easier on you and your clothes. Each suit bag measures 40″ in length and 24″ across to give even your longest pieces the space they need. At this length and width, we have ensured that each piece of clothing will be completely covered and protected for travel and storage.

Our garment bags are made from a durable vinyl, which was specifically designed to protect your clothing from any humidity, sun exposure, and pests such as moths or silverfish. We designed these coat bags to be thick enough to offer your clothing full protection, but thin enough to be stacked and folded for storage. Due to their thin construction, each bag take’s up the least amount of space in your suitcase or closet.

Organize your closet with ease. These bags are perfect for storing suits, coats, fur coats, dresses, wedding dresses, tuxedos, costumes and uniforms. You can even store multiple pieces of clothing in each bag. Each garment bag was also designed with a carefully placed, reinforced opening in the top of the bag to make it easier to hang them in your closet. The zipper in the front of the bag enables easy access to your clothing while the small transparent design enables you to clearly see what is stored in each bag.

Product Features

  • Each of these five hanging garment bags measure 40″ long and 24″ across. The translucent vinyl material (PEVA) of each clothing bag can be folded or stacked, and is thin enough for travel and storage.
  • Each clothing bag is made from a highly durable, see through vinyl material. This material protects garments from dust, pests, water and mildew. These bags can also be easily wiped down for cleaning.
  • The front zipper enables easy access to garments and helps prevent clothes from wrinkling. The carefully placed opening at the top of the bag makes hanging each garment bag simple.
  • These bags are great for suits, dresses, tuxedos, coats, fur coats, costumes, uniforms, blouses, tops, skirts, pants and slacks. Each clothing bag completely covers garments.
  • These garment bags are ideal for travel. Each bag is thick enough to protect your clothing from humidity and rain, but thin enough to make traveling easier.