LE LÜXACE Onyx + Diamond Jetsetter Case – Premium Toiletry Travel Bag – Luxury Black and Clear Packing Organizer

The LE LÜXACE Onyx + Diamond Jetsetter Case is a modern luxury travel requirement. Combining refined style and practical functionality, the Onyx + Diamond Jetsetter Case’s effortless sophistication will elevate you to a status of trendsetting exclusivity, as you organize your necessities with ease.

Our Onyx + Diamond Jetsetter Case utilizes phthalate-free transparent PVC that is thick yet pliable enough to make room for an ample amount of standard travel-size gels, aerosols and liquids. In contrast to its mundane carry-on counterparts, this travel bag is accentuated by stunning Saffiano faux leather, a material known for its signature textured cross-hatching pattern. The richness of the luxurious black Saffiano faux leather has unisex appeal and can easily be utilized as a cosmetic bag for women or a grooming bag for men. A metal zipper and two 2-ply faux leather zipper pull ensures this luxurious travel bag has the durability to withstand the rigors of frequent travel. Based on the dimensions of this luxurious bag, its capacity provides a generous amount of room for oversized travel necessities, such as electric toothbrushes or medication bottles. The Onyx + Diamond Jetsetter Case can also be used to organize electronic accessories in your carry-on bag or to keep clothing in your checked baggage orderly. While the Onyx + Diamond Jetsetter Case was created for effortless organization while traveling, this luxurious accessory piece can also become a valuable organizational staple for keeping daily must-haves easily accessible at your desk or in your workbag, designer purse, backpack, gym bag or diaper bag. With the LE LÜXACE Onyx + Diamond Jetsetter Case, you can feel confident your necessities will be secure, organized and accessible.

Product Features

  • PREMIUM MATERIALS: Designed with luxurious Saffiano faux leather, a #5 silver metal zipper and two 2-ply faux leather zipper pulls for a sophisticated travel experience
  • PRACTICAL FUNCTIONALITY: Transparent, phthalate-free vinyl ensures travel necessities can be viewed and accessed with ease
  • LUXURIOUSLY SPACIOUS DESIGN: Measuring 8.5 inches long by 7 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide, standard 3-ounce travel bottles and over-sized travel must-haves, such as electric toothbrushes and combs, fit comfortably
  • EFFORTLESS TRAVEL ORGANIZATION: Utilize to keep your electronic accessories organized in your TSA approved carry-on luggage or to maximize your storage capacity as a packing cube in your checked baggage
  • FUNCTIONALLY SOPHISTICATED: Enhance your professional image by organizing office supplies and other must-haves at your workstation or in your workbag