Luggage Organizers, 7 Set Packing Cubes for Travel With Shoe Bag, Compression Cells, Accessories Bags Made With Wearable Waterproof Material. Perfect for Travel, Long Trips, Camping (Pink Stripe)

Pack More and Get Better Organized for Your Next Trip!

A smart solution to turn an over-stuffed and unorganized suitcase, backpack or even closet into a neatly ordered space for storage with simple packing steps. Our product helps you fit more clothes and belongings into space-saving bags while maintaining unpack convenience, separating different item types to keep clear of wrinkles and damage. Extremely portable and lightweight design that takes up the least amount of effort on the go, with different compression cell sizes and colors, brightening up your luggage is easier than ever. Enjoy going on road trips, business travel, camping, vacation, family gathering with these smart cubes. 

Product Detail Features

Pactive is a brand that focuses on bringing premium high quality products for solving problems with creativity and instant convenience. Our product is made of strong material with firm stitches and withstands great pressure tear while maintaining solid shape, featuring – Double-way ring holder firm zippers keep bags tight and steady; Water resistant material keeps water splash away;Hidden button design and lightweight design; Built-in straps to fix clothes to prevent wrinkles

Package Set Includes

Large Size Bag 19″ – 10 shirts or 4 sweaters / Medium Size Bag 15″ – 8 shirts or 3 sweaters / Towel Bag 14.4″ – 4 towels or 4 shirts / Underwear Bag 14″ – Underwear, bra and socks / Toiletry Bag 15″ – Skin care products, shavers / Accessories Bag 12″ – Cables, chargers, electronics / Shoe Bag 15″ – Shoes, sneakers, slippers 

Product Features

  • ★7 PCS (19”+15”x3+14”x2+12”) TRAVEL LUGGAGE ORGANIZERS of different cell sizes get all your item types covered. Pack more of your luggages in limited space with different sizes, large bags for sweater, T-shirts, pants, medium bags for towels and underwear, small bags for shoes, toiletry and accessories respectively. Get organized and unpack convenience right away.
  • ★UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY: Carry on the smart cubes to turn over-stuffed suitcase into neatly organized space, try your combo with different bag sizes or colors for your next trip – Long trip abroad, business travel, family camping or outdoor get-together is easier than ever.
  • ★PREMIUM HIGH QUALYTY: Featuring durable zippers that hold the bags together with firm stitches neatly aligned. Made with water resistant material, and breathable lightweight mesh texture and foldable design, these cubes is a PRO at every detail. Get packed and go is a fun plus.
  • ★EASY MAINTENANCE: Strong material withstands tear against wrinkles and maintains solid shape. Waterproof material makes it easy to clean up and get dry in short. Quick drying and always prepared for your trip.
  • ★100% RESEND PRODUCT / MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for any product quality issues. Click [Add To Cart] or [Buy Now] button right away to place your order. Worry free!