MALSA Wine Bottle Protector – Wine Sleeves Pack In Travel Luggage And Suitcase – Portable And Reusable Bags – Inner Skin With Tough Leak Proof Outside – Pack Of 4


The perfect way to transport wine, champagne, perfume…

This reusable set of bottle protector is ideal for protecting your fragile bottle so that you can always feel confident in bringing some of that delightful experience back with you and enjoy it.

You can use the reusable bottle protectors for flights, cruises, shipping and more. It is also a ideal gift for wine lovers!

With double ziplook and velcro combo, the content will be sealed inside.

Designed to be a travel-friendly companion, the bottle protector sleeves are lightweight and collapsible, and it can be used over and over again!

Product Features

  • THICK BUBBLE PADDING — Bubble wrap provides the cushion for your wine bottle. The bubbles’ size is exactly 1 centimeter in order to provide additional levels of shock absorption during airline transit. This type of bubble wrap has a low permeation barrier film to allow longer usage and resistance to the loss of air in vacuums.
  • MULTIPLE LAYERS — Bottle protector sleeves are designed with two layers. The outer layer is transparent and the inner layer is shaped with various “bubbles”. These layers are made from PVC plastic which itself offer a form of protection for wine bottle. Travel with your tasty wine without worrying with MonTien Wine Bottle Protector now!
  • DOUBLE ZIP LOCK & LEAK PROOF — The inner bag and the outer skin attached are to prevent scrunching. The triple seal protection includes a dual zip lock feature and Velcro seal, to keep the bag air-tight and your luggage safe from leaking. If a bottle happens to break inside the bag, you don’t have to worry about it making a mess thanks to the leak proof feature.
  • REUSABLE VALUE — Designed for travelers who use the protectors again and again. These wine bags pack flat in a suitcase, making it easy to put in cars, on planes and cruises. The bag is specifically designed for airline travel with wine, champagne, liquor, olive oil, perfumes and other fragile glass bottles up to one liter. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.
  • HOW DOES MONTIEN BOTTLE SLEEVES WORK — Insert the wine bottle into the open end of the bottle transport bag. Push the wine bottle all the way into the bag until it fits perfectly. Allow the air to escape the bag, and then close the zipper-style locking seal. Roll over the end and seal the Velcro.