Pet Kennel Pads Pack of 2 Soft Replacement Inserts for Pet Travel Carriers & Pet Beds Highly Absorbent Liners for Sleeping & Traveling Washable Padded Covers for Cats & Dogs (White 2 Pack)

Dog And Cat Kennels And Carriers Are Usually Very Uncomfortable!

That’s why you should get this set of 2soft pet pads(16.5″x 9″)and cover the hard floor of your pet’s kennel, crate, bed and travel carrier.

Duke & Dixie’s pet liners come in sets of two, and they will make your cat and dog feel comfortable when they sleep or travel -because happy pets means happy owners!

Highly Absorbent Pet Liners That Are Ideal For Traveling!

Have you ever had this experience -your pet pees in their travel carrier and the urine leaks and makes a mess in the car or bus.

You will never have to deal with such a messy scenario again, because these washable dog pads are highly absorbent.

So even if your adorable pet urinates inside their carrier more than once, there won’t be any unpleasant accidents!

Wash The Pet Kennel Pads And Use Them Over And Over Again!

You can use our pet absorbent pads as often as you want! Feel free to hand wash them or put them in the washing machine.

Even if your pet sleeps on the white pet mattress pad daily and you wash it often, it will always be as good as new!

While the dirty pet sleeping pad gets cleaned and dries, you can insert the second pet pad of the package inside your dog’s kennel or carrier.

Avoid Peeing Accidents !

Did the pet pee pads for dogs fail to prevent a leak while you were traveling with your dog or cat in the pet carrier?

Best choice to prevent a leak and give you and your pet most comfort, so why wait?

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Product Features

  • MAKE YOUR PET’S KENNEL &CARRIER COMFY:Do you want your adorable dog or cat to be absolutely comfortable when they lie in their bed, crate, kennel or when they have to stay in their pet travel carrier? This soft pet crate pad (17’x 9’x 0.5′) is the best accessory to make your pet’s kennel and carrier comfy and cozy!
  • NO MORE URINE ACCIDENTS WHEN TRAVELING:Has your pet ever peed in their carrier, crate, kennel while you travel and made a mess all over the place? These pet pee pads are highly absorbent, so even if your pet pees, the urine will not leak, get out of the carrier and fall all over your clothes or on the floor.
  • WASH THE PET PADS AND USE THEM AGAIN:If the pet sleeping pad gets dirty from constant use or because your pet urinates on it, you can easily remove and hand-wash it or put it in the washing machine. While this pet bed liner gets washed and dries, you can use the second pet liner of the package.
  • PET LINERS MADE TO LAST A LIFETIME:These replacement washable dog pads are made from heavy duty materials that can withstand constant use and washing and still remain as good as new. In other words, Duke & Dixie’s dog absorbent pads will keep your pet comfortable and its kennel dry for a very long time.
  • BUY THE PET LINERS WITH CONFIDENCE:This 2-piece pet carrier replacement liner set ensures your complete satisfaction. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with the premium quality and practicality of our cat absorbent pads please contact us directly and we will ensure you with the best costumer service.