Plixio Gusseted Garment Bags Suit Bag for Travel and Clothing Storage of Dresses, Dress Shirts, Coats- Includes Zipper Pockets and Large Transparent Window (2 Pack: 43″ x 24″ x 3.4″)

Plixio’s set of two 43-inch hanging black garment bags makes traveling with valuable suits or blouses easier on you and your clothes. Each bag measures 43″ in length and 24″ across and has a 3.4″ gusset. At this length and width, garments will be completely covered and protected for travel and storage. The added gusset makes it possible to store multiple pieces in each bag for maximum storage. The gusset also makes it so that thicker coats and evening gowns won’t compress during transportation or storage.

These bags are made from a breathable, non-woven cloth specifically designed to protect clothing from any humidity, sun exposure, or pests such as moths and silverfish. We designed these bags to be thick enough to offer your clothing full protection, but thin enough to be and stacked and folded for storage.

To help with storage and travel, the carefully placed opening at the top of the bag helps make it easy to hang these hanging garment bags. To help with recitals, graduation, and long-term storage, we included a large transparent window on the front of the bag to make it easy to see what’s inside. Also included on the front of the bag are two mesh, zippered pockets. These zippered pockets allow you to store all of your small accessories and shoes and can even double as a name tag holder.

Their thin construction makes it so they take up the least amount of space in your suitcase or closet. They’re also ideal for dance or recital costume storage and can be easily hung up and stored backstage. Multiple pieces of clothing can be kept in each bag and the carefully placed opening at the top of the bag and metal grommet at the bottom makes hanging each garment bag simple.

Product Features

  • HOLD MULTIPLE GARMENTS IN EACH GUSSETED 43″ X 24″ x 3.4″ BAG: Plixio’s two pack of gusseted garment bags are great for traveling or storing suits, tuxedos, winter coats, fur coats, costumes, uniforms, dance recital clothes, blouses, tops, skirts, pants, slacks and dresses. These bags feature a 3.4″ gusset so that you can hold multiple blouses or dress shirts in each bag.
  • ZIPPERED MESH POCKETS HOLD SHOES AND ACCESSORIES: Store any shoes or accessories alongside costumes and dresses. Each garment bag includes two zippered mesh pockets on the front, keeping your extra pieces easily accessible and visible.
  • LARGE TRANSPARENT WINDOW TO SEE WHAT’S INSIDE: Each hanging garment bag includes a large transparent window that stretches across the front of the bag, allowing users to see the contents in each clothing bag. The opening at the top of the bag allows for a coat hanger-which can be hooked through the metal grommet at the bottom of the bag for more compact storage.
  • USE IN CLOSETS OR WHILE TRAVELING: Each bag completely covers clothing, making them great for travel by plane, bus, car or train. The non-woven material helps protect clothing from most environmental conditions but is still thin enough for bags to be stacked or folded.
  • PROTECT AGAINST DUST AND INSECTS: These bags are breathable but keep clothing such as fur coats and leather jackets protected and preserved. They also help shield garments from common pests like silverfish and moths and prevent common pollutants such as dust, pet hair, light exposure, humidity, moisture or mold from damaging clothing.