PLX Hanging Garment Bags for Storage and Travel – Suit Bag, Dress Shirt, Coat and Dress Cover with Window & Zipper Set (5 Pack Black: 40″ x 24″)

PLX strives to offer the best possible garment bags at affordable prices. Whether you’re looking to store your valuable winter coats and sweaters, or need a reliable set of garment bags for an upcoming recital or graduation, these bags will keep your best pieces protected and organized. Each of the non-woven hanging black garment bags can hold multiple garments a piece. They’re great for traveling with valuable suits or costumes and make it easy to transfer them from your luggage to your hotel closet.

These bags completely cover and protect short dresses or sport jackets. Each bag measures 40″ in length and 24″ across. To help provide the best storage conditions for your clothing these bags are made from a breathable, non-woven cloth specifically designed to protect clothing from any humidity, sun exposure, and pests such as moths or silverfish. The material is thick enough to offer protection from common environmental conditions and pests, but thin enough not to take up too much space in your closet or suitcase.

To help with storage and travel, the carefully placed opening at the top of the bag and metal grommet at the bottom, makes hanging each garment bag simple. To help with recitals, graduation, or labeling, we included a small transparent window on the front of the bag that doubles as a placeholder for name tags or a pocket for small accessories.

Product Features

  • GREAT FOR TRAVELING OR HOME CLOSET ORGANIZATION: Each non-woven bag completely covers garments, helping protect valuable clothing from most environmental conditions. For a versatile storage solution, thread a coat hanger through the top of the bag and then hook it through the metal grommet at the bottom for more compact storage.
  • SHIELD CLOTHES FROM LIGHT, INSECTS AND DUST: Keep your best leather jackets and fur coats well protected. These hanging garment bags help block out light, dust and humidity. They also help keep common household pests such as moths and silverfish from reaching best pieces.
  • COMPLETELY COVER CLOTHING IN 40″ X 24″ BAGS: Each bag is designed to completely cover each garment for maximum protection. Store all of your coats, suits, blouses, tuxedos, uniforms, winter coats, fur coats, costumes, dance recital clothes, pants, slacks and dresses up to 36″ in length depending on the hanger.
  • KEEP CLOTHING WRINKLE FREE ALL YEAR: Keep clothing from being crushed or crumpled once it’s been dry cleaned or pressed. Each garment bag keeps your dress shirts in perfect condition. The easy access zipper allows for hassle free storage. Store multiple articles of clothing in each bag to help maximize your storage space.
  • TRANSPARENT WINDOW DOUBLES AS NAME TAG HOLDER: Place a name tag or small accessories in the 3 x 5 inch transparent window on the front of each garment bag. Whether you’re storing your winter clothing away for the summer or just need a bag for your recital costume, you won’t have to spend time sorting and searching.