Puppy Eyes Waterproof Pet Carrier Sling by Comfortable and Adjustable dog sling Ideal for small & medium dogs up to 17 lb – Lightweight & Easy-Care dog carrier with Bonus car seat belt and E-book

As your day begins, enjoy a morning stroll with your best friend, this is the perfect way to welcome the day. If your four-legged friend gets tired of walking, he can relax like a king inside the dog purse while you can continue to enjoy the fresh air.

As the day goes by and you have to do the chores around the house or maybe run some errands in town the pet sling will hold your pet safe and comfortable while you go about your day.

No more time apart from your loyal friend, no more worrying about separation anxiety, thanks to the Puppy Eyes dog carrier for medium dogs you and your pet are truly inseparable.

The puppy carrier can even be used to hold your pet in the car.

It can also be used as a cat carrier for those of you who own cats that love the outdoors and don’t like to be left alone in the house. This pet carrier bag is great for traveling as you can take your pet along with you with no hassle at all.

Now you can have wonderful memories together and visit new places without having to worry about your best friend being at home or staying with a friend.

We know our products are The Best Quality and they will Last a Lifetime, so if you have any product issues – we’re happy to either provide a refund or a replacement.

Make your pet happy! Don’t delay, Buy Today!

Product Features

  • 👜 Our dog sling carrier is nothing like other slings on Amazon, it’s BUILT WITH THE HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS to the HIGHEST QUALITY STANDARDS; You should expect a cross body dog sling bag that you’ll love how it sits COMFORTABLE on your shoulder and can be EASILY ADJUSTED TO YOUR NEEDS
  • 🎁 You’ll NEVER have to WORRY about your best friend getting tired of walking because now he can rest comfortably inside the puppy sling while you carry on with your walk; The pet sling can be used in shops, trains, busses and the best thing is that you have your HANDS FREE ;The dog sling carrier for small dogs features FRONT POCKET to hold your phone, treats, keys or waste bags, you might not even need to carry a purse when you go out
  • 🐶 This pet sling carrier will make your life easier by coming in handy in those moments when you don’t want to leave your four legged friend alone in the house; With this CONVENIENT and EASY TO USE dog carrying bag you can have your pet close to you and go about your day at the same time; NO MORE TIME APART from your little friend
  • 😍 REST ASSURED that if by any chance the dog carrier purse doesn’t suit you, or your pet you will get a full REFUND; Because we trust in the quality of our products, the dog carrier front pack is BACKED BY OUR MANUFACTURER 30-DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE so don’t wait, MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER AND YOUR PET HAPPY with this premium pet carrier shoulder bag
  • 🏖️The dog tote bag can be used for pets up to 17 lb, this includes cats and rabbits; Our puppy carrier is made out of a LIGHTWEIGHT AND WATERPROOF material which can be MACHINE WASHED; This dog carrier for small dogs features a inner strap that attaches to the shoulder strap and to the collar/harness of your pet in order to keep him/her safe inside the pouch; All our pet carrier purses come with a CAR SEAT BELT INCLUDED so you don’t have to worry about your dog bouncing around in the car