SOOHAO Shoes Wash Bags with Bumper Protectors, Shoes Laundry Bags for Washing Machine, Mesh Laundry Bag and Laundry Dryer for Shoes Sneakers Knitted Sock Shoes and Delicates

Nowadays, kinds of fabric shoes are more and more popular in our life, such as sock shoes, knitted sneakers, mesh shoes, etc. They are fashionable and delicate, requiring more careful care. SOOHAO Bag design this shoe laundry bag to reduce your handwash labor on those delicate fabric shoes as well as protect and wash them better. 



Suitable For both drum and  Agitator washing machine

Wash Only With Cold Water Or Upto 40˚c

Do Not Apply Fabric Softener, bleach or Harsh Chemicals Of Any Kind.

Do not Wash your shoes with Regular Clothes Laundry.

Hang Dry.

Product Features

  • Extra Life for Your Expensive Shoes – Most of us end up brushing our sneakers to wash them by hand. These days 90% of the sneakers you buy are made of textile or soft knitted yarns. SOOHAO Laundry Bag can extend the life of your favorite shoes save your effort on cleaning them.
  • Design Principles – 4 EVA foam bumpers support the shoe bag into a cylinder, where the dirty shoes are placed for wash. The EVA foam bumpers produce floatage which keeps our shoes away from bumping on the washing machine walls.
  • Sturdy and Quick Dry Materials – Our factory compared and tested 2 kinds of nylon mesh on their durablity and cleaning performance. Both fine mesh and coarse mesh are sturdy equalliy, while the coarse mesh applied by SOOHAO shoes washing bag has a superior cleaning performance. ThE edgings of SOOHAO shoe laundry bags are polyster, which is easy to dry itself, efficiently keeps away from molds.
  • Wide Open for Easy Access – A wide open is convinient for you to put in and take out the shoes, especially for men’s large ones. The bag is closed by a durable, auto-lock and rust-less zipper. The saft side cover protects the machine drum from scratches and extends the zipper life.
  • Double Hangers -You can hanger up the shoes bag with the newly washed shoes in the air to dry them naturally. More than a Shoe Washing Bag- It can be used as a laundry dyer as well as laundry bag for other delicates.