Suitcase Organizer | Durable Portable Travel Packing System Hanging Luggage Cube

You’re on Vacation! Why spend your time digging through suitcases trying to find what you need?

You Want – An easier way for travel packing at home and convenient living on vacation and business trips.

You Need – A better luggage organizer to keep track of what you packed-and not unpack.

You Deserve – More time to relax on vacation and focus on business trips without worrying about finding “that thing” you packed.

You Get – Everything you want, need and deserve with the Luggashelf travel organizer.

A stress-free trip starts with stress-free packing – Simply hang Luggashelf in your closet and add clothes and other items to it as they’re washed (or found) leading up to your trip. No suitcases taking up space on the bed; No bending over to pack and manhandle your luggage. Once the suitcase organizer is packed, simply lower it into your luggage!

Convenient hotel living – Once you arrive at your destination, all that’s left is to lift your Luggashelf travel shelf out of your luggage and hang it in your hotel or rental closet. Now you’re living out of your hanging closet organizer instead of your suitcase-and not even thinking about it.

Everything in its place – Luggashelf suitcase organizer has a compartment designed for everything you need: 4 shelves with 6 separate compartments for clothing and shoes; 3 zippered accessory pockets; 2 elastic mesh pockets for toiletries, medications, etc.; 5 hanging loops for jewelry.

Carefully crafted with top quality materials – Never worry about wear and tear. Luggashelf is designed and tested for years of regular use. But if our product does fail, it’s covered by our manufacturer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Click “Add to Cart” risk-free and add another to treat the traveler in your life! You’ll never want to travel without Luggashelf again.

Product Features

  • PACK & UNPACK IN SECONDS | Hang the Suitcase Organizer to pack up, then lower it into your suitcase; No need to unpack on arrival-just lift the easy rise luggage shelf from your suitcase to the hotel closet, then enjoy your travels
  • TRAVEL ORGANIZER | Gone are the days of living out of a suitcase; 6 clothes compartments, 3 zippered accessory pockets, 2 elastic mesh pockets and 5 jewelry loops keep everything accessible
  • FITS IN CARRY ON LUGGAGE | At 12 inches by 15.5 inches, the portable luggage system is designed to fit in carryon luggage; Fit 2 in many larger suitcases; Hanging height approx. 26 inches; Holds 50 lbs.
  • DURABLE UPGRADED MATERIALS | Expect top quality packable hanging travel organizer hooks, materials and craftsmanship without the bulk and weight of other luggage packing organizers
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE | If you do not absolutely love the luggage organizer, return it for a full refund; Add to Cart risk-free and add another suitcase organizer as a gift