Tidy Home – Garment Bag for Storage and Travel – Sealed, Adjustable Moth Protector for Long Dress, Coat, Suit, Sweater – Hanging Jacket Bags for Closet – Dust Cover for Clothes – Breathable Set of 3

Introducing the Tidy home hanging, adjustable, completely moth and insect proof, breathable, adjustable, garment bag. If you ever had an issue with moths or insects ruining your expensive clothes, or have closet that is not high enough, this garment bag will impress you.


Length: 61.5” inches or 156 cm Width: 24 inches or 61 cm Material: Black non-woven resistant breathable 

Amazing engineering:

This garment addresses all major issues. Because there is no way to keep insects out of the bag without being hermetically closed, we built-in some inside fabric hoops. You get to hang your dresses or coats, sweater inside the bag. This allows the bag to be totally sealed.

These bags also come with a built-in hook so you can easily hang your sealed garment bag with ease, never to worry about your wardrobe safety.

All the closet are not created equally. This garment bag is adjustable. You can fold and adjust the length by simply attaching the fastener installed on the back. 

Multiple clothes option:

If the clothes you are storing are not too heavy, you can store up to 3 items on a hanger inside this bag, compared to only one item that other bags offer.

A Traveller must have:

They can be used as hanging garment bags or garment bag for travel. Having a strong metal grommet, the built-in hook can easily be fed through allowing transporting this bag a breeze.

Added transparent window:

A clear window is installed in front of this canvas garment bag . Not only can you see your sweaters, suits, dresses, jackets, we want to make sure that you do not second guess yourself. 

Unbeatable Durability:

This large garment bag is sturdy, made with 120 gsm non-woven breathable material.

Product Features

  • THREE (3) INTERNAL STRAPS TO HANG YOUR GARMENT INSIDE THE BAG FOR BEST SEAL & PROTECTION FOR YOUR CLOTHES AGAINST MOTH, INSECTS, AND DUST- You can now completely protect your clothes with these garment bags. These storage bag gives you peace of mind knowing that there is no gap for unwanted guests to enter. Unlike the traditional garment “moth proof” bags, this garment bag is designed to be completely sealed.
  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH WITH BUILT-IN FASTENERS STRIPS FOR EASY TRAVEL AND STORAGE MEANS THESE GARMENT BAGS FIT MOST CLOSET SIZES – All clothes are not made equal, neither are the size of every closet. Each of these garments bag is 61.5″ long, and is perfect for your long dresses, fur coat, dance garments costumes, but that’s not all. Using the fasteners on the back, you can adjust the length of your organizer from long to medium, avoiding to touch the floor of your closet.
  • BUILT-IN HOOK FOR HANGING GUARANTEES THAT YOUR BAGS STAY SEALED – You can insert up to three (3) hangers inside this bags thanks to the built-in fabric hooks. As for hanging, the built-in metal hook allows you to easily place your sealed zippered moth proof dust bags organizer anywhere. Furthermore, with the strong metal grommet at the bottom of the bag, you can insert the hanger for easier transport.
  • ADDED CLEAR WINDOW VISIBILITY – The moth protector breathable bags have a transparent window to allow you to easily recognize your dress, suit, sweater, gown, jacket, or coat. These garment bags for storage make choosing the right clothes a breeze. No more guessing when it comes to picking your clothes.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We are confident that these moth proof garment bags will make your long dress others clothes and closet extremely happy. You will not need cedar balls to protect your investment from predators. If for any reason you don’t like our product, we will gladly buy it back from you now question asked!