Top Set Clear Garment Bag for Travel, Storage, Protection, Hanging – PEVA Material Clothing Suit Bags for Dresses, Dress Shirts, 24×40 inch with Full Zipper (Pack of 6)

When traveling, the first thing you pack is your clothes. Do you ever run into the problem where there are.. Wrinkles on your clothes?Hair or dust all over your garments?Moisture disrupting expensive suits?

The best way to protect your clothes on the go is with the TOP SET translucent garment bag. Trusting in TOP SET is a sure way to protect your clothes from the common struggles of traveling.

These Clear Hanging Garment Bags keep your clothes VISIBLE, CLEAN, and ORGANIZED.

With the transparent design you know exactly what you’re taking out of your garment bag without even opening it. When you’ve decided on your fit for the night the steel durable zipper makes it easy to access the contents from within.

TOP SET’s transparent garment bag is made of high-quality translucent, PEVA plastic material made specifically to protect the harmful environment from harming your garments.

This bag prevents dust, hair, water, moisture, and all harmful elements from disrupting your clothes natural state while still allowing your garments to breathe! While not only made to protect, our garment bag is also odorless, washable, breathable, and soft.

24×40 inches
40″ in length and 24″ across is the perfect size for any and every article of clothing to fit nicely into our bag without worrying about over tightness or excess space contributing to wrinkles. A key factor about the size is when folded over, these garment bags meet the overhead compartment restrictions for most airlines!

6 Transparent TOP SET Garment Bags!

With your clothes protected you can travel in style with the TOP SET logo hanging over your shoulder to the closet. Own the moment with the TOP SET garment bag collection.

We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee!

Product Features

  • VISIBLE AND RENEWABLE – The clear breathable suit bag eliminates the guessing game of trying to figure out what’s inside your bags! The garment suit cover also can be washed, so you can reuse it and it lasts longer than dry cleaning bags. These translucent garment bags keep your clothes visible, clean, and organized.
  • PROFESSIONALISM – Strong, durable, material that can be used for dresses, suit covers, and expensive garments will keep your clothes protected from wrinkles and stains from within the confines of your luggage bags.
  • MULTIFACETED – Perfect length for suits, shirts, dresses, sweaters, jackets, tops, winter coats and much more! Whether on the go or at home, these garment bags are excellent to have for any occasion.
  • ORGANIZED – Ideal for the home closet to save space and keep organized. Use these garment bags to help stay tidy at home and in your suitcase.
  • VALUE – Set of 6 garment suit bags, perfect for all your storage, protection and travel needs.