Tour Pal Cubes Travel Luggage Packing Organizers with Laundry Bag, Black, Set of 4

Eco, easy and efficient packing for your lovely trips still using zip lock plastic bags for organizing your suitcase? Still deciding which clothes to bring and which not because of limited space? Still haunted by the look your travelling buddies gave you when you were digging for clothes? We know you are organized. You just haven’t found a right tool. Tour pal luggage organizer is what you have been searching for. Our packing cubes fix all these problems for you. Ditch those plastic bags, and start eco packing by using these reusable and cleanable bags. Our space-saving bags allow you to indulge yourself and bring whatever you want to bring by neatly and tightly packing all your clothes. Our packing bags allows you to easily pack, store and organize your clothing and that makes it easy to access your clothes during your travels and even easier to unpack after your travels. Your clothes will stay wrinkle free and not get messy during your trips. We’ve included 4 pieces travel cubes with different sizes. Different sized luggage cubes are for different category of your clothing, daywear, nightwear, undergarments, socks, accessories, etc. We’ve also included 1 laundry bag. This way you can separate your dirty clothes from clean ones during your travels. Premium two-way zippers still remembering last time when you were struggling with your zippers? We promise you that with our tour pal travel packing cube system, this will never ever happen to you. We use sturdy premium two-way high quality zippers on our cubes. The zippers are the world’s famous manufacturer of high quality zippers. These zippers make it easy to quickly and smoothly zip and unzip your packing bags. Breathable and visible mesh-integrated lid design creates soft collapsible structure to prevent your clothes from taking extra space. The mesh panels offer ventilation for your clothes to stay fresh, and make it easy to figure out what is inside your bags.

Product Features

  • 4 high quality lightweight packing cubes make packing easy without adding weight to your luggage
  • Nylon handle for each bag makes it easy to transport or use
  • Mesh-integrated lid design creates soft collapsible structure to prevent your clothes from taking extra space, and provides visibility and ventilation
  • 1 laundry bag included to help separate your dirty clothes at the end of the trip