Travel Shoe Bags for Men & Women – Set of 4 Waterproof Nylon Pouches with Zipper + Fastening Strap Accessory by Genti Fashion (Large, Black)

GentiFashion Travel Shoe Bags- Make life easier when you have to pack one or more pair of shoes into your luggage. Made of water repellent nylon material and equipped with zipper closure, the Shoe Bag is designed to isolate packed shoes, protecting the other items in your suitcase. Don’t worry if you don’t have time to clean your shoes before packing. The shoe bag will keep your shoes and other items in your luggage clean. The soft and flexible material form fits to your items, eliminating wasted space in your luggage. You can also use the bags at home for storage of household items, keeping your belongings organized and dust free. The material naturally rejects dirt, and is easy to clean.
Washing Instructions: Hand wash or use the delicate cycle. Wash in warm or cold water, never hot. Do not bleach. Air dry in a well ventilated space.

The Hook & Loop Fastening Strap with Buckle helps protect your dress shoes during travel. Securing your shoes with the strap prevents leather or other materials from being scratched by the heel or the sole of the other shoe.
Follow these Steps to Fasten the Shoes using Strap Fastener:
1. Align the strap on the floor with the “GentiFashion” Logo upwards.
2. Place the pair of shoes over the strap so that strap is underneath the soles, between heels and tips, next to the heels.
3. Wrap strap around the shoes, pass the tip of the strap through the buckle and pull it until the shoes are tight. Pull the tip of the strap with one hand while keeping the buckle with the other hand.
4. Fasten the strap by pressing the Hook against the Loop. Identify the Hook and the Loop of the Strap: Hook is the scratchy part located on the back of the “Genti Fashion” logo print at the tip of the strap. Loop is the soft hairy part of the strap between the Hook and the Buckle. The Strap is made of nylon 100% and it is 21 inch long.

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Product Features

  • 4 PACK INCLUDES 4 Large Size Bags, and 1 Fastening Strap
  • SECURE & PROTECT YOUR DRESS SHOES AGAINST SCRATCHES during Travel or Storage using the Fastening Strap
  • PROTECT YOUR CLOTHES IN YOUR SUITCASE by Containing any Dirt or Debris Inside the Washable Bag
  • SAVE SPACE IN YOUR LUGGAGE with a Bag Made of a Soft and Flexible Material that Form Fits to Your Shoes
  • THE LARGE SIZE is 18 x 11 x 4 inches and fits 1 Pair of Men’s Shoes Up To Size 14, or 1 Pair of Women Ankle Boots or High Heels