Travelizer – Travel Packing Cubes 5pcs Luggage Organizer Set for Bag & Suitcase

Whether you are out on an important business day-trip, a long relaxing family holiday or an adventurous solo vacation, our packing pods are the ideal traveling solution that keeps your belongings neatly organized & easily accessible – so, travel with peace of mind & say goodbye to luggage packaging/unpacking hassles.


– Packing cubes come in a snazzy cool blue color with dark blue and black accents that add a stylish touch to your drab & boring suitcases.
– Set of 4 packing cubes in 3 different sizes (2 Large 12.75″x17.5″x4″, 1 Medium 9.75″x13.75″x4″ and 1 Small 6.75″x11″x4″)
lets you better organize undergarments, accessories, seasonal wears, formals, casuals, party wears, toiletries, or any other traveling essentials.

– Our smart luggage organizers come with a laundry bag for separate storage of dirty clothes, such that the clean ones remain fresh & smell-free.
– Keep your clothes organized tidily, and let you pack/unpack multiple times without having to wade through your luggage!
– The compression cubes make just the perfect & nifty storage bags for your dresser, closet or cupboard – A HANDY STORAGE SOLUTION!

– Made with 100% polyester, the cubes boast double-stitched hems that won’t unravel/tear, robust & reliable zippers,
with a unique zipper placement (away from handle) for ultra-fast unzipping, and a heavy-duty handle uniquely and precisely sewn into the side panel for more professional look and higher durability.

– Specialized lightweight design streamlines your luggage and doesn’t add any extra weight to your baggage.
– Thoughtful mesh topper allows you to quickly glance through your belongings and keeps your clothes smelling fresh.


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Product Features

  • 🚖 DURABLE – Made with 100% premium-quality polyester with honeycomb pattern, strong handles professionally sewn into the side panels for ease of carrying, and double stitched seams, ensuring a long life!
  • 🚀 FUNCTIONAL DESIGN – Breathable mesh gives good visibility of packed items & keeps clothes smelling fresh, thoughtfully placed reliable zippers. LIGHTWEIGHT design doesn’t add any extra bulk to your baggage!
  • ✈ PUT CHAOS BEHIND YOU – Keep your belongings well-organized and never again rummage through your bags to fetch any item. You can not only pack for travel with zero stress but also have neat wardrobes!
  • 📏 MULTIPLE SIZES – 2 Large, 1 Medium & 1 Small pods allow you to organize smartly and separate your trousers, shirts, accessories, inner-wear. Laundry bag keeps clean clothes apart from dirty ones!
  • 💯 QUALITY GUARANTEE – If you’re dissatisfied with travelizers for any reason, we will either replace the product or provide you with a full refund, no questions asked!