Trip Planner and Travel Journal: Vacation Planner & Checklists, Itinerary & more (Volume 1)

Trip Planner and Travel Journal VACATION PLANNER Totally Awesome Vacation Planner Finally, it’s time for that long awaited, special vacation that you’ve been waiting for! Only a few weeks to go and there is so much planning to be done! Do the statements above describe your situation at the moment? Have you been saving desperately for that wonderful, exotic vacation to be enjoyed with your family? Well, if this is the scenario that you find yourself in, then we can assist you in making sure that every single moment of your vacation is memorable and perfectly organized. With our easy to use, 6×9’ Totally Awesome Vacation Planner, you can record: • Where you will be visiting • The dates that you will be on vacation • Your “To Do” list before you depart • A checklist of important things that need to accompany you • What to pack in the event that you have four seasons in one day! • Accessories and toiletries so that you don’t run short • A shopping list of things to purchase before you leave • Medication that you should pack just in case of an emergency With our handy Totally Awesome Vacation Planner, you can ensure that nothing is forgotten at home and that you have everything you require while sipping on a margarita on a beautiful beach or learning to ski on the ski slopes of your favorite destination! Get yours today! Once the travel bug has bitten you, you will start planning your next vacation immediately! Guess what! Our Totally Awesome Travel Planner has many pages for future travel planning to take place! Happy Travelling!