TSA Approved 3 Digit Luggage Cable Locks, Small Combination Padlock Ideal for Travel – 1, 2 & 4 Pack (BLUE 2 PACK)

◆The most durable locks on the market. Our luggage locks use a zinc alloy body to keep your luggage secure throughout the longest of trips. 

◆ Anvil cable locks offer a high degree of flexibility without sacrificing security.  Cable locks allow larger hard pieces of luggage such as Pelican cases to be safely secured.  The cable will also fit nearly any standard size zipper.  Not only are our locks great for travelling, you can also use them at the gym, school, or home. With quality and a price that’s hard to match, Anvil locks are a great answer for your security needs.

◆Make sure your luggage isn’t left unlocked by the TSA. Our locks use a special design that requires baggage inspectors to relock them before removing their master key.

◆Last but not least, all our locks are backed up with a warranty which shows our confidence in the craftsmanship of our product.

The preset combination is 0-0-0 and can be changed to your personal combination by following these steps: 

Set the combination to 0-0-0. Make sure the cable is firmly locked into the lock body. Press down the combination setting button with a flat head screwdriver or other similar tool and rotate it 90° in the direction of the arrow. Align the numbers to your desired combination by turning the dials. Rotate the combination setting button back to its original position. Your new combination has now been set.

You may change your combination and reset your lock by following the above steps as often as you like. Simply enter your personal combination into the lock for step 1 instead of 0-0-0.


For security reasons there is no reset code for our locks. Please carefully memorize your combination, write it down or take a picture of it.

Product Features

  • DESIGNED FOR SECURITY AND EASE OF USE. An ultra-durable zinc alloy body and steel cable shackle ensures your luggage lock will make it through rough airport handling. The strenght of our locks is backed up with a lifetime guarantee. If an airport manages to break your lock, we will replace it.
  • EASY TO READ DIALS. Our locks use white digits on a black background for our dials. This makes reading your combination far easier than on traditional chrome dials. Don’t worry about fumbling around for glasses or a flashlight to open your luggage.
  • EASY TO SET 3 DIGIT COMBINATION. Our combination locks have an easy to use screw mechanism to set the combination. Simply set the locks to the factory default combination of 0-0-0, turn the screw with the included screwdriver and enter your personal combination. The combination can also be changed as many times as you like. Never worry about accidently changing your lock to the wrong combination or your combination being changed during rough handling.
  • SECURITY WITH THE FLEXIBILITY OF A CABLE LOCK. Cable locks can handle situations that normal lock shackles simply can’t. Our lock’s cable is thin enough to thread through all standard sized zippers and hard case lock holes but strong enough to protect your belongings. At a length of 4 in from end to end and an internal looped length of 1.5 in when locked, our cable offers the flexibility to secure nearly any suitcase, hard case, gun case, etc. on the market.
  • APPROVED BY THE TSA. Never worry about baggage inspectors cutting your locks off. Our cable locks are 100% TSA compatible.