TSA Approved Travel Luggage Locks (Pack of 2)

Traveling with Confidence
Theft happens in most airports while 25% happens in the baggage pick-up areas. People use locks to protect their valuables but worry about their luggage lock will be cut by TSA during the inspection. This padlock with combination is completely TSA approved. With a Travel Sentry symbol on the front, TSA agents will not cut the steel shackle when they inspect your luggage. To unlock the travel lock, they use an official master key. And to get the key out, they have to relock. Your luggage is always under protection by the TSA compatible lock giving confidence along your journey.

Pop-Up Inspection Alert
By a red indicator on the 4 digit lock, you will know whether your bag has been inspected as soon as you pick your bag up at the airport. The red button will pop up to alerts you the bag has been inspected. Reminding you to check your belongings so that you can deal with problems while you’re still at the airport.

Maximum Security
Made of zinc alloy, the combination lock is heavy duty to enhance security. Compared with traditional rigid lock, steel wire is more flexible but sturdy to handle situations that the normal lock can not such as to lock two or more suitcases nearby. It is 5.6 inch long enough to protect most suitcases, backpacks, duffel bags or briefcases, etc. Moreover, most TSA approved locks use button switch that can be easily opened after a long time use. This lock uses slide switch which is safer with strong pull to prevent technical or violent open.

How to Set and Reset the Password
1.Turn the code to default of 0-0-0-0
2.Click the button at the bottom by a pen or other sharp object
3.Enter your combination by rolling the screws
4.Re-click the button and the password is set successfully

Body Material: Zinc alloy
Wire Material: Braided steel
Code Wheel Material: Plastic
Digit of code: 4

Product Features

  • ✈【Sturdy Material】Constructed by zinc alloy body, the cable locks is more durable and compression resistant than aluminum alloy. The flexible cable is made of braided steel, the connecting shackle is sturdy but flexible to pass through almost all zipper ends.
  • ✈【Inspection Indicator】Find out if your bag has been checked. When you pick up your bag at the airport, if the TSA opens your baggage, a red button will pop up on the top of the cable lock. You will know to recheck your baggage to make sure nothing is lost.
  • ✈【Anti-misoperation Button】With the factory default combination of 0000 entered, Use the pen to press the reset button, Just by one click to set your code and no need of continious pressing. Enter your new combination, Re-click the button and the password is set successfully. Setting your combination is that easy.
  • ✈【Easy to read 4-digit wheel】The 4 digit combination lock is more secure than the 3 digit one by providing 10000 combinations of code. uses a white numeral on a black background for our combination dials, These high contrast dials make reading your combination a breeze.
  • ✈【Slide Switch】Unlike the traditional button switch, this luggage lock is more secure by using slide switch to prevent technical or violent open. Slide the steel wire from the code wheels side to another to open after entering the password and then press down to close.