VASCO Compression Packing Cubes for Travel – Premium Set of 4 Luggage Organizer Bags (S+2M+L) Black

Travel packing can be stressful, and finding a piece of cloth or accessory in a poorly organized bag could prove to be a nightmare, requiring you to overturn your bag every time – packing cubes offer a smart packing solution for every traveller, whether you are a novice or a seasoned traveller.


-Easily compartmentalize your suitcase, backpack or luggage using our set of 4 packing cubes, and carry your clothes in a well-organized manner
-Different size cubes prove suitable for appropriately storing a wide range of clothing – for e.g., larger ones can be used for bottoms, trousers or dresses, medium sized ones could be used for tops, and smaller ones could be used for inner-wears and other accessories
-Helps easily compress your clothing to reduce volume by upto 60%, thus helping you store more in the same bag – unlike vacuum compression bags which require pumps, etc., these are equipped with smart compression zippers
-Designed to store your clothes such that they get remarkably less wrinkles
-Handles, smoothly running zippers (reverse coil zipper & double slider) and washable design make it extremely easy to use
-See-through mesh makes it convenient to quickly find the needed item
-Stringent quality controls to ensure high-strength precisely done stitching, top-shelf zippers, and premium materials
-Can be used for separating dirty clothes from fresh ones within the same bag
-Makes for an ideal gift for any travel enthusiast – be it friends, family or colleagues


We also offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked.

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Product Features

  • SMART TRAVEL PACKING – Organize your belongings within a suitcase or backpack for a tidy storage, instantly fetch what’s needed without having to fish around the entire bag, and repack easily to keep the bag clutter-free until you return home – our travel cubes come in a set of 4 thoughtfully sized packing cubes, and allow you to easily group & separate your clothing within a single bag. Separate your bottoms, tops & inner-wear or accessories separately, or plan it your own way.
  • INCREDIBLE COMPRESSION – Equipped with compression zip, our travel packing cubes boast reverse coil zipper & double slider, allow you to compress the volume of your clothing by upto 60%, and help you store & carry more in the same bag. The additional saved space means you can carry your casuals, formals, swimwear, seasonal wear, and much more. Moreover, these pro packing cubes also help reduce wrinkles & mess.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY – Made from Nylon & TPU enforced mesh, our compression packing cubes for travel are extremely lightweight yet durable, come with professionally done seams which do not easily wear & tear with regular uses or compression, and feature water resistant material. Moreover, the zippers have undergone intensive testing to ensure that they run smoothly, don’t get stuck, and don’t fall apart, thus offering you a travel companion that’s sure to stay with you for long.
  • EASY TO USE DESIGN – Our luggage organizer set comprises of slim pack cubes with integrated handles that make it easy to handle & move around each cube individually, see-through mesh to easily Identify the contents of each cube, and opaque areas that help have privacy for your intimates. Moreover, our packing cubes (compression) prove easy to clean and remain new like even after several washes.
  • GUARANTEE – With our 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE on this compression packing cubes set you have got nothing to lose. However, we are quite sure that you would be impressed with the functionally effective design that combines the benefits of both, travel cubes & compression sacks, helps squash everything down to save space, looks stylish and the fact that it makes travel packing a breeze.