Zhi Jin 12Pack Travel Combination Lock Luggage Padlock Code Set Bulk Sports Baggage


Material:Zinc Alloy,ABS;
Durable, reusable,portable, collapsible, practical, convenient,also perfect for camping, outdoor hiking,exploring travel tool;
High security,the 3 or 4 combination codes are very safety.Provides 10000 combinations,other people can not open easily;
These locks design for indoor and outdoor use,the lock is sleek and easily fits through the holes of your luggage zipper pulls;
Ideal for use as an locker combination lock, luggage combination lock, school locker lock, travel combination lock, locker room locks, work lock, gym lock, toolbox lock, club combination lock, bike lock combination locks for lockers,etc.

Package Includes:
12x Padlocks

Product Features

  • Size:approx.5.6*2.1cm/2.2*0.8Inch;Color:Due to the different batches of each production, colors will sent randomly,thanks a lot!
  • Made of high quality alloy and ABS material,travel smart combination lock, Lock without fear of having locks cut open;
  • The lock uses a 3-digit combination, original number is”000″,combination can be reset as often as you choose;
  • Light weight, easy to use and remove, and easy to cleaning ,anti Rust, Weather Proof, Small volume, light weigh, fit through the holes of a lot of suitcases;
  • Padlock widely used for most light-duty tasks such as Gym/Sports, school,employee lockers, cabinets, cases, hasps and general storages,office, home, luggage,baggage,travel,etc.