Zoozpets Peanuts Dog Sling | Carrier Snoopy Soft Pouch & Comfy Strap Dog Carrier | Exclusive Bag Design for Puppy, Small Dogs, Cat & Pets | Enjoy Your Charlie Brown Pet Sling Everywhere You Go

Keep your pet comfy and close to your heart with our official Snoopy Sling Bags

Do you love your pet?

Do you like to pamper them?

Does your pet enjoy a warm comfy place to rest – somewhere close to their much-loved owner?

Yes, of course!

Now Zoozpets has teamed up with Peanuts to bring you their high-quality dog slings, letting you take your beloved pet everywhere with safety and style.


Snoopy is one clever pooch and these sling bags are as safety-smart as you’d expect –

– Snoopy would not allow his face on just any pet accessory, and each of these sling bags is officially made to Peanuts-approved safety and quality standards.
– Unlike many similar products, our bags feature an inside safety strap attached for extra security. This strap connects to the pet’s collar and is extra tough, ensuring your little companion always stays safe.
– The high-quality design even lets you carry more weight than the average Sling Bag. Our bags holds up to 12lbs


– Your comfort is just as important as your furry friend’s, and these dog bags have been specially made to sit comfortably on you – with or without your number one buddy inside.
– Super-soft fabric and padding means your dog will love it as much as you do!
– EXCLUSIVE and OFFICIAL Snoopy designs! Each bag features a different design of the beloved beagle with five unique colors and Snoopy artwork pieces to choose from.

Your pet is truly a special friend and their accessories should be just as unique. So don’t wait any longer, buy your exclusive Snoopy Sling Bag today!

Not sure if our dog bag is for you? Then try it with our MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE! Buy it, try it and if you find it’s not for you simply return it in original condition for a full refund.

Product Features

  • COMFY, STRONG AND SAFE DESIGN: Keep your pet close to your heart wherever you are with this high-quality Snoopy Sling Bag. Smartly designed, tough-wearing and comfortable, our dog carriers for small dogs and cats are easy to use and super-comfy for your pet. Other sling bags may be cheaper, but ours offer a high-quality design specially made to keep your adored pet safe.
  • CARRIES PETS UP TO 12 LBS IN WEIGHT: These pet carriers for small dogs are perfect for pampered Pugs, tired-out Terriers, and any other pet up to 12lbs in weight. Our dog carrier bag can securely carry up to 12lbs of beloved fluff-ball thanks to their solid and super-safe design. Most other sling bags only manage to carry as little as 10lbs. Need we say more?
  • EXCLUSIVE OFFICIAL SNOOPY ARTWORK: He’s the world’s greatest cartoon dog and now he’s on the world’s greatest dog slings for small dogs! Each of these high-quality dog bags comes with one of five different OFFICIAL Snoopy designs for you to choose from. Peanuts only allow their mascot to be on products that pass their strict quality standards, so accept no imitations and choose Snoopy!
  • FIVE UNIQUE COLOURS: Perhaps your Dachshund suits the color blue, or maybe your Maltese always looks great in red. Either way we’ve got a choice of five different colored small dog carriers to keep you and your pet covered. Pick a favorite or even get a few different colors to match your outfits! Your dog may see the world in black and white but you can certainly enjoy some color!
  • BUY WITH OUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: You will love these Snoopy Sling Bags and so will your pet. We’re confident of this. So confident, in fact, that we offer a full money back guarantee or replacement item if you decide you’re not happy with your new sling bag for any reason. Just send it back and we’ll take care of the rest!